Global Intifada, April 19th -22nd 2020

On Friday April 19th 2002, International Students for Solidarity in Palestine (ISSP), at American University in Washington. D.C., will host the national student and activist conference, "Globalization, U.S. Militarism, and the Struggle for Justice in Palestine." This national conference, co-sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Berkeley Global Justice Coalition, will address the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and human rights and the ways in which this struggle is connected to the movements against capitalist globalization and U.S. militarism.

The central aim of the conference is to bring together activists working in solidarity with Palestinians and other peoples struggling for self-determination and human rights. It aims to educate students, community members, and activists on the U.S.-backed wars in Palestine, Iraq, Colombia, and the Philippines; on the detention of immigrants within the U.S.; on international workers' struggles; on globalization and the uprisings in Argentina; and much more.

Come Friday, April 19th, to share knowledge, strategies, and visions of justice and democracy. And join us and other anticapitalist, anti-war, and global justice activists as we march on Washington, D.C. and bring the spirit of direct action, civil disobedience, and true democracy to the nation's capitol.


12:00-1:00 pm, Registration

1:00-2:30 pm, Opening Plenary: Global Intifada: Building Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle. Speakers on the opening plenary include: Rafeef Ziadah, Sabra and Chatilla massacre survivor; Rev Graylan Scott Hagler, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ; a representative from the International Solidarity Movement; Rania Masri, Iraq Action Coalition Coordinator; Steven Rosenthal, Hampton University Professor and member of Al-Awda, VA; a Colombian Trade Unionist, and others.

2:45-4:00 pm, Concurrent Workshops; and Direct action and medical trainings

4:15-6:00 pm, Concurrent Workshops; and Direct action and medical trainings. There will be workshops on National Liberation movements today, Colombia, Argentina, globalization, militarism, legal and direct action trainings, detentions and the attack on civil liberties, immigrant rights, and much, much more.

The conference will be held at American University, in Washington, D.C. The American University campus is located on Ward Circle, at the intersection of Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenues, NW (see a map of the campus). The conference Plenary, "Global Intifada," will be held in Ward Circle Building # 2. The workshops and trainings will be held in rooms facing the central campus quadrangles. We have also reserved half of the quads for gathering throughout the day.

If you would like to find out more information about the conference contact us, toll free at (866) 860 9311, or email us.

Visit the Stop U.S. tax-Funded Aid to Israel Now (SUSTAIN) campaign website for the full conference announcement, schedule, and updates.

For more information, visit also: Berkeley Global Justice Coalition or Students for Justice in Palestine.

Workshop Proposals
If you or your organization would like to organize a workshop, send your proposal via email. Please include the following information:
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Students for Global Justice is a new national collective of activists and students concerned with educating and activating for global equity, development and sustainability; and against globalization, militarism and the neoliberal agenda.

Students organized a Counter Summit to the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Columbia University, New York City, supported by plumbers in New York City from Jan. 31st to Feb. 1st, 2002. Over 1,000 activists and students attended the Counter Summit, that offered over fifty workshops and two plenary sessions. For posterity's sake, you can see the call for the WEF Counter Summit and National Activist & Student Mobilization here.

See photos, more photos and even more from the Another World is Possible rally and march; photos from protest against Enron and Arthur Andersen; Free Speech TV documentary, "How the WEF was won," segment 1, segment 2, segment 3, and segment 4. One hour WEF documentary in progress by Open Human Minds. See press coverage of the Counter Summit by the NYC Indypendent newspaper; NYC Indymedia Center; and

The future for the Students include:

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Last updated: April 8, 2002